Bank Of Baroda Helpline Number 2024

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Bank Of Baroda Helpline Number
Bank Of Baroda Helpline Number
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Bank Of Baroda Helpline Number:- A customer care number is issued by Bank of Baroda to all its account holders to reach them through Pawan, which is also known as helpline number by the account holders of the bank. By calling this number, applying for balance check book of your account and other types of facilities can be completed through the phone number. Along with this, complete information about the account is available through this number. All the banks provide one Helpline number is issued for the customers of your bank


Bank Of Baroda Helpline Number

Bank of Baroda is a type of government bank. A helpline number is issued by the bank to its account holders to get information sitting at home. Almost all the banks have issued their own helpline numbers. Sometimes it happens that If the account holder cannot go to the bank, then he can call this helpline number and get all the information related to his account sitting at home.


Through this helpline number, he can turn on or turn off any facility related to his account. This number is mostly used to know the balance and other information related to the account like loss of debit card and credit card and to close them. Most of the helpline numbers are used to get information or documents related to loan or to take any kind of loan.


Helpline numbers are issued by the bank so that the customers who do not come to the bank in large numbers can get all their problems solved sitting at home through the helpline number so that the bank does not get overcrowded. time can also be saved.


Bank of Baroda Bank Account Closure Form Pdf Download


Bank of Baroda Customer Care Number 2024

If you have an account in Bank of Baroda, then a helpline number has been issued by the bank. If your account is also in Gramin Bank, which is a small branch of Bank of Baroda, then there is a helpline number in that also. Helpline number will work by the bank. The facility of number is given to your account Aadhaar link.

You can get this helpline number printed in our article and also in the passbook given to you by the bank. In view of the increasing technology of these days, online frauds are becoming very high. Sometimes innocent people get cheated online.

The helpline number plays an important role in making complaints and immediately informing the bank about the fraud. With the help of the helpline number, you can turn on or off all the transaction facilities of your account.

You can also block or block your debit card or credit card. You can get unblocked in a short time without reaching the bank. You can use all these and can turn on or off all the features of the account just with the help of the helpline number.

Bank of Baroda Bank Account Closure Form Pdf Download

Bank Of Baroda Helpline Number Overview

Name of articleBank Of Baroda Helpline
BankBank Of Baroda
Objectiveproviding help to customers
official website

Uses of helpline number

It has often been seen that the use of helpline number proves to be very beneficial if you have the helpline number of the bank and by calling the helpline number you can get any problem related to the bank solved sitting at home. First of all, you have to call the helpline number from your phone, select your language from there, after that you have to select the reason whether any online fraud has happened to you or you need any other information related to your account.

Or you want to talk to the customer support service of Bank of Baroda, select it, after this you will be talked to by the employees of Bank of Baroda and your problem will be solved. This facility is available to you 24 hours. You can get your problem solved by calling this number anytime. This is a facility started by the bank to help you. This is a completely toll free facility. There is no charge of any kind here, you can get it within 1 minute. You can get any type of problem solved by calling.

Bank of Baroda Account Open PDF Form

How to use helpline number in online fraud

In view of today’s growing era of technology, online frauds have increased a lot. If online fraud happens to you or someone in your house and their account is in Bank of Baroda, then you should first develop it in the branch. If you are away from home or from the branch, then you should take help of the helpline number issued by the branch.

You have to call the helpline number and register the information about all the frauds that happened to you in the form of a complaint there. Through which application the online fraud took place, your account was hacked and that other information has to be given there.

Your complaint will be registered there. Along with this, the bank also instructs that you can lodge your online fraud complaint by calling the official website and mobile number of cyber crime along with the bank. What happens is that both the cyber criminals in the bank together get the amount of online fraud done to you refunded to your bank account as soon as possible, but if fraud has happened to you and you can go to the branch. If so then you should develop in branch 1800-103-1006 / 1800-225-100.

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Helpline Number for Bank of Baroda Card Unblock

If your Bank of Baroda debit card or credit card gets blocked, you can get it unblocked by getting information through the helpline number. The officer who will talk to you through your bank will have to provide KYC material. After doing KYC, your card will be processed. It will be unblocked or you can get it unblocked by visiting the official website of the bank and also by visiting the branch. You will have to give the KYC material information to the bank official to get the card unblocked online. After this Your card will be unblocked

Bank of Baroda Complaint Number : Bank of Baroda Account Open

If you go to the bank, at least if you are misbehaved by the bank employees or the work for which you have gone to Bank of Baroda is not done by the bank officials, any excuse is made. If so, you can complain about these. A complaint number has been issued by Bank of Baroda.

You can complain by calling on this, you have to ask the name of your officer and you can complain on the helpline number. Along with this, Bank of Baroda has also opened the online complaint platform, you can go online by visiting its website. can also complain

Action will be taken on your complaint within 7 days and you will get a call from the officer within 7 days to know what problem you had and what he has not helped you with. Within 7 days from the bank on online complaint– Action is taken within. The bank has opened this complaint forum to help its employees work properly. 1800-103-1006 / 1800-225-100

For domestic customers: 1800 5700
For NRI customers: +91 79-49044100
Those who are not educated should only complain offline. Those who are on this number should complain online. Through online complaint, action will be taken on your complaint quickly and your complaint will be resolved within 7 days. The entire process has been explained in the article, so follow each step and adopt the online complaint mode.

  • Visit Bank of Baroda website
  • Click on “Complaints” tab
  • Click on “File Complaint Online”
  • Enter required information
  • Click on “Submit”

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FAQs. Bank of Baroda Customer Care Number

Q 1. What is Bank of Baroda helpline number?

Bank of Baroda has issued a helpline number to benefit its customers and provide convenience at home, which is made available at your place 1800-103-1006 / 1800-225-100.

Q 2. How to register Off Bank Baroda Net Network?

To register for net banking you can visit the official website of Bank of Baroda or complete the enrollment process at the net banking branch.

Q 3. How to report a lost or stolen card?

If your bank card is lost or stolen, inform the bank immediately. You call their customer care number and inform them about the incident.

Q 4. How to do online offline bondjet?

You can transfer funds offline through net banking in Bank of Baroda. For this you have to log in to the net network and use placement based on Facebook.

Q 5. How to apply for Bank of Baroda Credit Card?

You can apply for the credit card online on the official website of Bank of Baroda or complete the application process completely at the Ukraine branch.

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